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General Introduction 

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General Introduction

The Only Higher Learning Institution in the Zhaoqing Area: Founded in 1970, Zhaoqing University is a state-run establishment and enrolls students on four-year degree programmes. It has 1,217 members of staff, 881 of them are faculty members. 19,803 full-time students and 6,148 part-time students. The university is committed to promoting social and economic development in Zhaoqing and its neighbouring Yunfu district, both of which have a population of over seven million. Student enrolment has recently broadened to the whole province and even beyond. The university’s two campuses occupy an area of 1665 mu and have 350,000 square meters of floor space.


A Leading Education and Research Institution: As the largest educational and academic institution in the area, Zhaoqing University enjoys a good reputation for the quality of its teaching and the management of its students’ affairs. We are particularly proud of our teacher training and international programmes.


Twin Campuses: The Main (Donggang) Campus is the older of the two campuses and is known for its fantastic mountain view and modern architecture. It houses the major teaching departments, laboratories and research facilities and also hosts the teacher training, career education and international programmes. It is referred to as ‘the aircraft carrier of the university’. The smaller Star Lake Campus is located on the renowned Star Lake. The buildings are of Chinese character and situated around a central lake. It is the centre for the adult education programme and other studies. International students are free to choose which campus they prefer to stay at.


Student Services and Facilities: We offer excellent facilities and comprehensive support services to all of our students. These include an Employment Placement Office, a Student Affairs Department, an Audio-Visual Education Centre, a Library, 108 laboratories, a Dormitory Management Centre, a Food Service Centre, a Student Association Activities Centre, an Academic Exchange Centre, a Counselling Service and multifunctional and well-equipped sports and recreation centres.


Main Campus Map




Prospectus for International Students

Founded in 1970, Zhaoqing University (ZQU) is located in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, the frontal of reform and opening. ZQU is the only state-run facility offering full time comprehensive undergraduate programs in the Zhaoqing area. 

Zhaoqing University currently offers 45 undergraduate majors, which fall into 9 disciplines, namely, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture and management. ZQU is recognized as qualified to enroll overseas students.

 I. Admissions

1.       Applicants

Foreigners, Chinese of foreign citizenship, and overseas Chinese, aged 16 and above and in good health, are qualified to apply. All applicants who are accepted must observe Chinese laws and decrees, abide by the rules and regulations of the university, and respect Chinese customs. 

2.       According to current Chinese regulations, overseas students are exempt from taking entrance exams, though the following documents are requested in order to assess qualification:

A.      A Copy of your Passport

B.      A Copy of High School Diploma

C.     Your transcript or certificate of university enrolment 

3.       Diploma students are requested to pass the Chinese Proficiency Test, HSK Band 6, before applying

II. Application and Entry Visas

1. Applicants are requested to contact the university’s International Exchange School and ask for the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS and PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER (for those studying at ZQU for 6 months or more), or download the forms from the webpage: 

2. Per the requirement of the EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNERS, applicants must undergo a physical examination and have it notarized in their home country, and then mail the results along with the completed application forms mentioned above and any other documents required to the International Exchange School at least one month before departure for China. A money order for 500 RMB should be included to cover the registration fee.

3. Accepted applicants can apply to the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for an entry visa — Visa X for study lasting more than 180 days and Visa F for less than 180 days — along with the LETTER OF ENROLMENT and JW202 Form.

III. Forms and Length of Programs

1.      Non- Diploma Programs

A.    Chinese Language and Culture

Major courses include Basic Chinese, Listening and Speaking, Reading, Translation, and Chinese Traditional Culture. According to students’ Chinese level, elective courses can be added such as Cantonese, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, Chinese Writing, Introduction to Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature, and Comparative Literature. 

B.    Specialized Programs

a.     Music — Chinese National and Folk music, Chinese National and Folk Dancing, History of Chinese Music, Appreciation of Chinese Music, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Guzeng, Erhu, Piano, Vocal Music, etc.

b.     Fine Arts — History of Chinese Arts, Chinese Painting, Chinese Folk Arts (paper cutting , fabric pasting), Calligraphy and Seal Cutting, Engraving, Lacquer Painting, Pottery, Interior Design, Graphic Design, etc.

c.     Physical Education – Lion Dancing, Dragon Dancing, Orientation Movement and Map-Making, Ping-Pong, Badminton Tennis, Qigong and Taichi, etc.


2.       Undergraduate Program

Applicants achieving a score of HSK Band 6 or above can apply for any subject in the Bachelor’s degree curriculum. Courses last 18 weeks per semester for four academic years (two semesters per year). Semesters begin in September in autumn and February or March in spring.


      3.  Lessons are given from Monday to Friday, with a total of 16 to 18 hours each week.

IV. Tuition 

Types of Students








-Diploma Programs


Language Program




1 Semester



costs vary according to course

Specialized Program

1 Year


Diploma Programs

Bachelor’s degree program




4 Years



academic year

V. Accommodation and Living Facilities

1. Facilities and services

There are many kinds of sports facilities, such as tennis, basketball, football and badminton courts, a gymnasium, and a sports stadium on the campus. There are supermarkets, a medical clinic, a post office, and ATMs, etc. as well. 

2. Canteens

Meals are available in student canteens or school restaurants, costing approximately 10~20RMB per person per day. There is also a variety of restaurants outside the campus catering to different tastes. 

3. Accommodations

A. Accommodation for international students: 1,500 RMB/month (or counted daily, 60 RMB/day) for a furnished apartment with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Beds, cooking equipment, bedding, air conditioning/heating, refrigerator, TV, washing machine, and microwave are provided.

B. Those who are adventurous can share a room with three other Chinese undergraduate students at 1,500 RMB/year in the student dormitories. Rooms are furnished with broadband internet, phone, electric fans, and a drinking and bathing water machine. Foreign students who have done this have improved their Chinese tremendously fast.


Major Undergraduate Programs at Zhaoqing University



Economics and Management

International Economics and Trade, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management

Politics and Law

Ideological & Political Education, Law, Politics and Administration


Applied Psychology, Educational Technology, Preschool Education, Primary School Education


Broadcasting & TV media, Chinese Linguistics and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Foreign Languages

English, Japanese


Music, Musical Performance, Arts Education

Fine Arts

Fine Arts, Animation, Industrial Design, Art Design

Mathematics and Information Sciences

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Engineering

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Science and Engineering

Life Sciences

Biology, Landscape Architecture

Computer Science and Software

Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Software Engineering

Electronics and Information Engineering

Physics Education, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Mechanical Design and Automation


History, Tourism Management

Contact Information

International Exchange School/Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing 526061, Guangdong, P.R. of China

Tel: +86-758-2752985

Fax: +86-758-2716969

Email: or

Http:// (Chinese)

Http:// (English)



International Exchange

International Students: China has 56 different ethnic groups and one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Zhaoqing is a nationally famous cultural and historical city full of scenic spots. Zhaoqing people have maintained contact with the outside world from ancient times until today. Many international students, including those from the UK, Spain and Japan, USA, Begium, have been studying at Zhaoqing University. The international students can learn about the culture and customs of south China from their Chinese counterparts. The growing number of international students will help ease any homesickness. The international programme contributes to furthering international exchange and understanding between Chinese people and foreign friends.


International Exchange and Cooperation in the Field of Education: Zhaoqing University has already established cooperative relations with 26 universities and colleges in the US, the UK, Poland, Russia, Japan, Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan region. Overseas students from the US, the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Thailand and Nepal come to study the Chinese language at our university. Zhaoqing University and its overseas friendly universities have also benefited from successful exchange programmes involving students, faculty members and administrators and jointly run MBA training courses and mid – level administrator training course. Till now, 46 exchange students have been send to study at our overseas friendly universities and colleges, 55 students have been send do their internship in US and Japan.


Sister Universities 

Lists of our overseas partners:


Anoka Ramsey Community College Edgewood College

Delaware State University

Hiram College

The University of Texas Pan American

Northern Illinois University

University of the Incarnate Word



The University of Bolton



Soka University

Himeji Dokkyo University

Nagano University



Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland






Ikh Zasag International University



Zabaikalsky State Humanitarian Pedagogical University named after N. Chernishevsky



Taylor’s University College



Hanoi University of Commerce



Chaoyang University of Technology

Nanya Institute of Technology

Minghsin University of Science and Technology

Cardinal Tien College of Healthcare & Management

Kun San University of Technology

University of Science and Technology of China

Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science

Mingdao University



Accommodation for Internationals




Guest House

Zhaoqing University has its own guest house on campus catering for both individuals and groups. This modern building contains youth hostel and hotel-style rooms. The hotel rooms have en-suite facilities and are air-conditioned.

Within the building there is a conference banquet room and a restaurant.

Exchange students and groups studying at the university are offered special rates. To request more information, please click the email button on the left bar and send a message.



Head of International:

Office of International Cooperation & Exchange

Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan Affairs Office

International Exchange School

Zhaoqing University,

Zhaoqing 526061, Guangdong,

P.R. of China


Tel:+86 758 2752985

Fax:+86 758 2716969