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Guangdong Zhaoqing Middle School

Guangdong Zhaoqing Middle School is a key high school in Guangdong Province, renowned for its long history and outstanding achievements in education. The school was founded in November 1905, initially named Duanxi Academy of Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces, which was established in 1573. It has been called “The Best Middle School of the Xijiang River Area”. Since November 1949, it has had its present name “Guangdong Zhaoqing Middle School” and has become one of the 16 key high schools in the province. The school has been highly praised by the public for its excellent education. It is among the first group to have been credited as the first-class high school in Guangdong Province in 1994 and well known as one of the key high schools in Guangdong for its excellence in its school spirit, excellent teaching quality and environment. It has also been awarded the titles of the National Modern Educational Technology Experiment School and National Traditional Items of Physical Education School. The school has passed the General Senior High School Teaching Quality Assessment of Guangdong Province to become a National Demonstration High School with excellent grades. Dozens of awards received by the school in recent years again lend credence to the school’s efforts. In the past two years, the school has been recognized as Secure and Civilized School in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Reading-loving School and Model School of School-based Training in Guangdong Province and Model School of Law-oriented Management in Guangdong Province.

Over one hundred years, the school has demonstrated great achievements in teaching and research activities, moral education, subject competitions and sports matches. More than 40,000 students have graduated from the school. Among them are some famous alumni and alumnae, such as Li Xiongcai (a great artist in painting), Jiao Peinan (an electrical waves transmission specialist), Cai Yaozhong (an irrigationist), Huang Yukun (a seismologist), Xu Shaohua (Secretary-general of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Province), Liang Yueling and Meng Yuqiong (silver medal winners of the Asian Games), Wei Xiaoliang (the silver medal winner of the 9th International Information Olympics of 1997 in South Africa), Shen Dongcai (ranked first in Guangdong Province in both arts and science in the 2004 National College Entrance Exam). What’s more, the school has received many honorary titles these years such as “Advanced Unit in Work-Study Program”, “Advanced Unit in National Amateur Sports”, “Unit of Socialist Ethics and Culture ”, “Advanced Unit in Implementation of National Standard for Sports Training”, “Advanced School of Science and Technology Activities”, etc.

The school is equipped with advanced teaching facilities that satisfy the educational needs and requirements of the students. The school is made up of two campuses. The junior campus is located in the north of the ancient town built in Song Dynasty, which lies in the center of the famous historic and cultural city---Zhaoqing. It covers a total floor space of 24,000 square meters. The senior campus is situated outside the city, near the beautiful scenic Star Lake. The senior campus, including two departments( local students department and Xinjiang Autonomous Region students department), which runs a boarding school system, occupies a total floor area of 100,000 square meters. From the year 2007 to 2009, the school enrolled 2 pre-senior-high school classes of Xinjiang Autonomous Region students each year. Since the autumn of 2011, one more class of Xinjiang students have been recruited. From the year 2010, the school began to enroll 2 international exchange students each year. This year, there are 100 classes in total, 37 in junior, 60 in senior and 3 pre-senior-high school classes of Xinjiang Autonomous Region students. The school has 5,592 students, including 2980 local senior students, 2,197 juniors, 413 students from Xinjiang and 2 international exchange students (one from Italy and the other from the USA).

Guangdong Zhaoqing Middle School boasts a qualified faculty of 430 staff members, including 4 special-grade teachers, 139 seniors and 146 intermediates. Taking the faculty as the basis of school education, the school encourages the teachers to challenge themselves and pursue excellence.73 teachers hold master degrees, 2 outstanding teachers are among the list of Zhaoqing Top Technical Professionals, and some other teachers have been honored as “Famous Teachers of Guangdong”. In recent years, more than 90 teachers have been awarded prizes by the city, the province or the nation. Over 100 teachers’ research achievements have been recognized at the provincial and national levels. In September 2009, the research project on characteristic school education, undertaken by the school, was granted as the key project of the National Education Technology Research during the 11th Five-Year Plan period.

Guided by the advanced educational philosophy, the school has also been enjoying the best enrollment rate in the National College Entrance Exams in Zhaoqing area. Students from this school have achieved the highest comprehensive or individual subject scores in the National College Entrance Exams. In addition to this, the students of the school have obtained dozens of medals in national and international academic competitions, which is facile princeps in Zhaoqing. Meanwhile, the junior school maintains its development track at a high level, nurturing more and more all-round students. The Xinjiang Department runs in good order, and the students are united and cooperative, making satisfactory progress. The school’s achievements are highly praised by the Central Government, Guangdong Provincial Government, Xinjiang Education Department and other official departments.

The school will move on with the ideal of Without love, wisdom or perception, there will be no education. Sticking to the teaching aim of providing superior education in Guangdong Province, achieving national frontline teaching and researching standards”, and according to the principle of “teaching earnestly and happily , supervising carefully and living happily”, the school will steadily strive to build itself into a modern school with its traditional characteristics and national prestige.