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Visa Replacement and Extension Procedures

1. Visa Replacement

(1) A foreign visitor whose passport is lost or stolen should provide a certificate issued by the entry and exit department of the local public security bureau or a statement from the embassy or consulate of his or her home country in China proving that his or her passport has been lost or stolen.

A foreign visitor whose passport is about to expire or passport visa pages are close to full and therefore must request a new passport, should present his or her passport with which he or she has entered China, to the proper authorities for replacement or renewal.

(2) In the case of an infant born in China and thus bearing an independent passport, his or her birth certificate and a photocopy of his or her parents' foreign passports should be presented.


2. Visa Extension  

A foreign visitor who wishes to extend his or her stay in the PRC or change the type or content of his or her visa should file an application with the relevant government agency in a timely manner according to the following procedures:

(1) Present his or her passport, visa and other required identification papers;

(2) Fill out the visa extension or visa change application form;

(3) Provide a certificate justifying the reason for the visa extension or change.


Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office provides visa services for officers and staff members of consulates in Guangzhou who hold diplomatic, courtesy and service passports and for other foreign nationals who are paying short-term visits to Guangzhou.

Address: 2/F, Bldg. 3, Government Compound, No. 1, Fuqian Road

Tel: 83125519



Entry and Exit Administration Office of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau handles visa and residence applications by foreign nationals who hold valid identification papers (passports and other travel documents).

Address: 6/F, No. 155, South Jiefang Road


Inquiries: 96110110

Please note that it takes five workdays to process, approve and issue visas and other travel documents.