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Regulations on China Customs Entry and Exit


● According to the Customs Law of the Peoples Republic of China and PRC Customs' Supervision and Management on Inward and Outward Passengers' Luggage, the luggage carried by inward and outward passengers shall enter or leave the territory at a place where there is a Customs office, and must be declared to Customs officers as required.

● Unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations, no luggage carried by both inwards and outwards passengers shall be exempt from being inspected and released by China Customs. Customs inspection of such luggage is based on the principle of "clearing articles of reasonable quantity for personal use only". Different types of luggage carried by passengers shall be given different limited value and amount for levying and exemption of duties.

● In the event passengers carry some articles which are required to be declared to the Customs for entry or exit, those passengers shall submit the form entitled "Declaration on PRC Customs Inward and Outward Passengers' Luggage" or Customs declaration documents at the declaration desk, such that they truthfully declare the luggage as required, and submit them to the Customs to handle articles entry or exit formalities. In a double-channel Customs office, the above-mentioned passengers shall choose the channel of "declaration" (e.g. "red channel") for clearance and passenger who carry articles which are not required to be declared to the Customs shall choose the channel of "non-declaration" (e.g. "green channel") for clearance.

● Please note declaration documents with the Customs' inspection and signature on them must  be kept properly, so that the passengers can handle relevant formalities well based on their production of those documents if needed for return or after entry.

Luggage carrying a Customs seal cannot be unpacked. Likewise Customs seals affixed to luggage cannot be damaged or broken. A passenger may be committing an offence under the Laws of China in doing so.