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Entry, Exit & Residence
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Notes for the Aliens of Residence Permit h、Holders 2012-06-01
Travel Permit 2012-06-01
Types of Residence Permit and How to Apply for it 2012-06-01
Accommodation Registration 2012-06-01
Procedures of Alien Employment License 2012-06-01
Visa Application and Registration In China 2012-02-23
Residence Permit 2012-02-22
Employment Permits 2012-02-22
Changes of Residence Permits & Other Instructions 2012-02-22
Notes of Residence in China 2012-02-22
Regulations on Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Aliens in China 2012-05-31
Application for Permanent Residence in China for Aliens Who Have Marriage Relationshi... 2012-05-31