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Types of Residence Permit and How to Apply for it

Aliens' residence cards are issued to those who stay in China for one year or more. Aliens' temporary residence cards are issued to those who stay less than one year in China.

Aliens holding visas D, Z, X, or J-1 shall, within 30 days of entry into China, obtain aliens' residence cards from the city or county public security bureau at the place of their residence. The period of the validity of the aforementioned certificates is the duration of the holder' permitted stay in China.

Aliens holding visas F, L, G, C or J-2 may stay in China for the period prescribed in their visas without obtaining residence certificates.

In applying for residence certificates, aliens shall provide such information as requested and complete the following procedures

Submit for examination their passports, visas and papers supporting their purposes of residence;

Fill in residence application form;

In applying for aliens' residence cards, submit for examination health certificates and recently-taken two-inch half-length , bareheaded, full-faced photos.