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1. What shall I bring along when registering?


You need to bring along with you your passport or ID card, 2 photos and fees for registration and test.

2. What shall I bring when I go to the test?


Candidates have to bring their passport or residence permit, the admission ticket and a pencil. Candidates without the admission ticket or official identity certificates (passport or residence permit) will not be allowed to the test. And candidates of the Chinese ethnic minorities should bring the ID card.

3. What is the admission ticket for?


The admission ticket is the pass to be shown when you enter the test room and it should be kept by yourselves after the test is over, for it is the evidence with which HSK test report forms are obtained, HSK results enquiries are made and in case the result reports are reissued.

4. Can I register by mail?


Yes. Please download the application form first on our website, fill it and send the filled form, 2 photos and the required fees by post to the registration office of the related test center.

5. What if my HSK certificate is lost?


The certificate cannot be reissued if the candidate loses the certificate due to his or her own reasons.

6. Why can’t I receive the test report form sometimes?


The failure for the test report forms to reach the candidate might be due to the following reasons: filling in the wrong candidate’s numbers; non-compliance to the instructions when writing on the answer sheet; unclear address, etc. Candidates found cheating during the test will not receive the certificate and test report form either because his or her test result has been invalidated. The answer sheet will be viewed as invalid if the candidate don’t write or draw on the answer sheet correctly.