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How to Apply Chinese Government Scholarships


1. Application Approach and Recruitment Time
The period for recruiting international student under Chinese Government Scholarship Programmes is normally from the beginning of January to the end of April. Details on application procedures are determined by the consultation between Chinese diplomatic missions and the relevant authorities in the applicants' home country. Applicants may contact the relevant authorities or Chinese diplomatic missions in their home countries for details.

2. Scholarship Applications
Applicants should meet the basic qualifications prescribed in the Application Procedures, and must fill in the application forms correctly as required. They also need to provide relevant application documents including notarized photocopies of diplomas, transcripts, study plans, health certificates and recommendation letters. Application documents for scholarships must reach the CSC before the deadline as specified in the Application Procedures via their Embassies in China or Chinese diplomatic missions in the applicants' home country. Application documents which arrive after the deadline will not be accepted. Please refer to the attached Application Procedures for details.
Application documents will not be returned whether the applicants are admitted by Chinese institutions or not. Documents such as original diplomas and original Foreigner Physical Examination Form must NOT be sent as application documents.

3. Selection of Higher Education Institutions and Specialties
Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarships must choose their host institutions and specialties from the institutions of higher education designated by the Ministry of Education of China. Please check the Directory of Chinese Institutions Admitting International Students under the Chinese Government Scholarship Programme or the website of CSC ( for details.

4. Language of Instruction
The Chinese institutions of higher education generally use Chinese as the language of instruction. Applicants with no command of Chinese are generally required to take Chinese language courses for 1-2 years before pursuing their major studies. In some institutions, some courses set for visiting, senior visiting sholars and postgraduate students can be conducted in English. Please refer to Directory of the Chinese Institutions Admitting International Students under Chinese Government Scholarship Programme for details.