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Founded in 1970, Zhaoqing University (ZQU) is located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, which is the forefront of China’s reform and opening. ZQU is the only state-run establishment that offers full-time comprehensive undergraduate programs in Zhaoqing area.


Zhaoqing University offers 43 undergraduate majors, which fall into 9 disciplines, namely, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture and management. ZQU possesses the qualification of overseas (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) student recruitment.


I. Entry Requirements

1.       Applicants

Both foreigners and overseas Chinese, who are in good health, can apply for enrollment. The applicants shall observe Chinese laws and decrees, abide by the rules and regulations of ZQU, respect Chinese customs, and be above 16 years old.

2. Documents

Current Chinese regulations do not require overseas students to take entrance examinations. But documents as follows are required for confirmation of enrollment qualifications.

A.       a copy of passport

B.       a copy of high school diploma

C.      a transcript or a certificate of enrolment in university

3. Diploma students

The students, who want to get a bachelor’s degree of ZQU, are requested to pass the Chinese Proficiency Test, HSK Level 6, before enrollment.


II. Application Procedures

1. Directly contact the International Exchange College of ZQU to apply for APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS and PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER (for those studying at ZQU for 6 months and above). The above-mentioned forms can be downloaded from the webpage of the International Exchange College of ZQU,

2. Mail the above-mentioned forms to the International Exchange College at least one month prior to enrollment. RMB 500, which is the advance deposit and registration fee, should be remitted at the same time.

3. Take the Admission Notice and the Visa Clearance Form (JW202) sent by the International Exchange College to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country and apply for entry visas, X visa for study duration more than 180 days, F visa for less than 180 days.

4. Come to Zhaoqing University according to the instructions on the Enrollment Notice issued by the International Exchange College.

 III. Education Forms and Length of Programs

1. Non- diploma programs

A.     Chinese language and culture program

   Major courses include Basic Chinese, Listening and Speaking, Reading, Translation and Chinese Traditional Culture. According to overseas students’ Chinese level, courses such as Cantonese, Ancient Chinese Language, Modern Chinese Language, Chinese Writing, Introduction to Chinese Literary, Modern Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature and Comparative Literature are offered.

B.     Specialized programs

a.     Music – Chinese National and Folk music, Chinese National and Folk Dancing, History of Chinese Music, Appreciation of Chinese Music, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Guzeng, Erhu, Piano, Vocal Music, etc.

b.     Fine arts – History of Chinese Arts, Chinese Painting, Chinese Folk Arts (paper cutting, fabric pasting), Calligraphy and Seal Cutting, Engraving, Lacquer Painting, Pottery, Interior Designing, Graphic Designing , etc.

c.     Physical Education – Lion Dancing, Dragon Dancing, Orientation Movement and Map-making, Ping-pong, Badminton Tennis, Qigong and Taichi etc.

2. Diploma programs

Applicants who have a score of HSK level 6 or above can apply for Bachelor Degree courses of any major undergraduate programme of ZQU. The educational length is 4 years, with 18 weeks per semester. The semester begins from Feb. or Mar. in spring and Sept. in autumn.

    3. Lessons are given from Monday to Friday, with a total of 16 to 18 class hours each week.


IV. Tuition

Types of Students

Enrolling Time

Educational Length












one Semester



Pay according to actual expense



one academic year


Diploma programs

Bachelor’s degree program

four academic years

15000 per




V. Facilities for Education and Living

1. Basic Facilities and Services

There are sports facilities such as multi-function gymnasium, track field, specialized courts for basketball, tennis, badminton and ping-pang. And there are service units such as supermarket, clinic, post office, ATM etc. on the campus.

2. Canteens

Students can have their meals in any of the three canteens, spending 10~20RMB a day. There are also a variety of restaurants around the campus, which can provide snack or dinner.

3. Accommodation

A. International Apartment (for overseas teachers and students): 1,500RMB/month, or 50 RMB/day, a sitting room and a bedroom, with internet, water-heater, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, drinking water units, toilet, cooking equipment, bathroom, bedding and other furniture.

B. Or for the adventurous ones, you can choose to share one room with 3 other Chinese students at the expense of 1,500RMB/year in the domestic student dormitories.


VI. Contact Information

Add: International Exchange College, Zhaoqing University

Zhaoqing 526061, Guangdong, P.R. of China

Tel: +86-758-2716390

Fax: +86-758-2716969

Email: or

Website: (English)



Major Undergraduate Programs of Zhaoqing University




College of Economics and Management

International Economic and Trade, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management

School of Political Science and Law

Ideological & Political Education, Law, Politics and Administration

School of Education

Applied Psychology, Educational Technology, Primary School Education, Preschool Education

College of Physical Education and Health

Sports Education, Social Sports

School of Chinese Language and Literature

Broadcasting & TV News, Chinese Linguistics and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

School of Foreign Languages

English, Japanese

School of Music

Music, Musical Performance, Arts Education

School of Fine Art

Fine arts, Animation, Industrial Design, Art Design

School of Mathematics and Information Sciences

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Engineering

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering

College of Life Sciences

Biological Science, Landscape Architecture

College of Electronic Information and Mechatronic Engineering

Physics, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

School of Computer Science, School of Software

Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Software Engineering

School of Tourism

History, Tourism Management