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Liqiao Building

Liqiao Building, built in 1118 A.D. of Song Dynasty


Liqiao Building is famous for two emperors. One is Song Huizong(1082 A.D1135 A.D) in the Song Dynesty and the other is Zhu Youlang (1623 A.D1661 A.D) in the Ming Dynesty. Song Huizong began to build the city in 1113 A.D. The city of Zhaoqing was named and inscribed by the Emperor. The County Magistrate at that time built a three-storeyed building named Yushu Building to keep the handwriting of the Emperor.

In Ming Dynesty, the County Magistrate rebuilt it and chaged its name into Liqiao Building. Emperor Zhu Youlang was tracked by the enemy of Qing Dynesty. He went to Zhaoqing and came to the throne in Liqiao Building.