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Natural Products

Duanzhou Inkstone



Zhaoqing is rich in natural products such as Duanzhou Inkstone, jade products, jumble beads ornaments, common night blooming cereus, euryale ferox salisb, lotus root, polygonum, radix morindae officinalis, honey, orange and tangerine, 60-day yellow vegetable, begonia fimbristipulata hance and so on.

Food Products 


There are several kinds of food products in Zhaoqing. They are Tzung Tzu (glutinous rice dumpling), freshwater fish from Xijiang River, vegetarian dish, Dinghu style, Wenqing Carp, Maixi Grass Carp from Gaoyao, Tea & Oil Chicken from Sihui, rice noodle, bamboo shoot and bamboo node insect from Guangning, Stone Pigs from Huaiji, Xinghua Chickens, Liandou Goats, Bamboo Pole fried rice noodles from Deiqng and so on.