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Jointing Vetting System of Investment Projects of Zhaoqing Government's Administration Services Center


Article 1. The objective of setting up the joint vetting system (hereafter referred to as Joint vetting) by Zhaoqing Government's Administration Services Center (hereafter abbreviated as Administration Service Center) is to facilitate investors in their application and to speed up the approval of the investment projects in question.

Article 2. This scheme is applicable to investment projects, the registered capital of which exceeds 10 million Yuan (for inland private investment), or which exceeds 3 million US dollars (for foreign investment), and the right of jurisdiction of which belongs to the local government's functional departments.

Article 3. Upon receipt of an application, the Administration Services Center will call a meeting among representatives of relevant departments to determine whether the proposed project is qualified for consideration (The considerations include whether the project matches national policy and whether the choice of location matches the requirements laid down by the town planning, environment protection and fire authorities.) Once satisfied that the application fits these general requirements, the different departments will proceed with the vetting simultaneously.

Article 4. The Administration Services Center will ensure that the representatives in the Joint Vetting are qualified officials, either vested with sufficient authority or directly involved in the subsequent vetting procedures.
Article 5. Once an application passes the Joint Vetting, subsequent vetting procedures to be conducted by the relevant departments will be subject to time limit.

Article 6. Joint Vetting Procedures:

(1) Project Registration - An investor should first obtain and fill in the Application Form for Project Investment available from the office of the Co-ordination Unit of the Administration Services Center. The unit should brief the investor details of procedures and document requirements as already announced by the different executive "windows" staffed by representatives from different functional departments and should, where possible, collect more information about the background and intention of the investor.

(2) Preliminary Vetting - The investor is to submit together with the filled-in Application Form, the following details or documents, namely feasibility report, contract, constitution, background of investor, project name, proposed location, scale of operation, business area, the kind of technology to be deployed, to the Co-ordination Unit for preliminary vetting. The time allowed for the vetting is one working day. The relevant "windows" should at this stage express specific views on the proposal. At the same time, the Co-ordination Unit is to determine which government departments have to be involved in the forthcoming joint vetting, and seek approval from the chief of the Administration Services Center. The relevant departments and units will in due course be notified.

(3) Joint Inspection Visit to the Proposed Location - Where considered necessary, the Co-ordination Unit will arrange a joint visit to the proposed site for preliminary inspection, together with representatives from the relevant departments (e.g. environment, town planning, fire, industry and trade).

(4) Joint Vetting Meeting Called - Immediately after the site visit, a Joint Vetting Meeting will be called and attended by all relevant parties. The meeting is to be chaired by the chief of the Administration Services Center or other senior officials of the Municipal Government. The meeting will examine relevant details submitted and all units have to express their explicit views on the proposal and jointly sign on the Joint Vetting Opinion Registration.

(5) Simultaneous Vetting - Based on the positive views thus gathered, the Co-ordination Unit will ask the investor to prepare and submit all the necessary formal documents, and dispatch them as soon as possible to all relevant units for simultaneous vetting. The time allowed is 5 working days. Meantime the Co-ordination Unit will assist in fee collection, document dispatch and receipt and other administrative errands.

(6) For some special projects, the above-mentioned joint vetting procedures might be bypassed, provided that they satisfy all relevant requirements. Similar to the above, the time allowed for vetting by the relevant units is 5 working days.

Article 7. In the course of vetting, the Co-ordination Unit will follow up the vetting activities of all relevant departments, and identify any problems that may be encountered in order to ensure punctual completion.

Appendix: Diagrammatic Representation of Vetting Procedures