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On the Simplification of Investment Vetting Procedures by Zhaoqing Municipal Government's Administration Services Center--Temporary Measures to Enhance Efficiency


Article 1. The objective of this set of measures is to raise efficiency in the processing of investment proposals by way of minimizing the number of steps to be taken, of reducing the time involved, and of simplifying the red tape required.

Article 2. This set of measures is applicable to all production and construction projects that require as a pre-requisite for obtaining a business license, the opinions of the following departments, including land, planning, fire, environment, birth control and specific industry, as well as those departments that conduct subsequent inspection work.

Article 3. During the pre-approval stage, the relevant departments are to express their first opinions and requirements to the investor. Subsequent to the discourse, the investor is requested to submit a written commitment to formalize the project proposal. This part of the work has to be completed within 2 working days (including preliminary investigation and site visit).

Article 4. Taking into account the above submission and the views of the preliminary investigation, the Commerce and Industry Department will issue a copy of business license to the investor in order to facilitate the latter in the subsequent procedures of vetting, registration and other preparatory work.

Article 5. Subsequent to the satisfactory completion of follow-up work made by the various vetting departments (to be coordinated by the Administration Services Center) and their formal submission of positive views on the vetting, the Commerce and Industry Department will issue an original business license to the investor.

Article 6. Investors are reminded to observe strictly the terms agreed in their written commitment. Failure to do so will result in the refusal by the Commerce and Industry Department to issue an original license and in the demand to return the copy issued.