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Chen Xuanqun



Chen Xuanqun, female and a Han Chinese originally from Xingning of Guangdong Province, was born in March 1971. She started working in July 1991 and was a member of Jiu San Society. She is a postgraduate and possesses an MBA degree.

Currently she is vice mayor of Zhaoqing Municipal Government and chairman of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of Jiu San Society.

She is put in charge of education, culture, broadcast & television, news & publication, sports, ethnic & religious affairs, archives, local records, business administration, foreign affairs, oversea Chinese affairs, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao affairs.

She is also put in charge of Education Bureau of Zhaoqing, Ethnic & Religious Affairs Bureau of Zhaoqing, Bureau of Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio & Television of Zhaoqing (Copyright Bureau of Zhaoqing), Bureau of Overseas Chinese & Foreign Affairs of Zhaoqing (Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Bureau of Zhaoqing), Sports Bureau of Zhaoqing, Business Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing, Archives Bureau of Zhaoqing, and Local Records Office of Zhaoqing.