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Chen Xuanqun

Chen Xuanqun, female and a Han Chinese originally from Xingning of Guangdong Province, was born in March 1971. She started working in July 1991 and was a member of Jiu San Society. She is a postgraduate and possesses an MBA degree.

Currently she is vice mayor of Zhaoqing Municipal Government.

She is put in charge of education, culture, broadcast & television, news & publication, sports, ethnic & religious affairs, archives, local records, business administration, foreign affairs, oversea Chinese affairs, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao affairs.

She is also put in charge of Education Bureau of Zhaoqing, Ethnic & Religious Affairs Bureau of Zhaoqing, Bureau of Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio & Television of Zhaoqing (Copyright Bureau of Zhaoqing), Bureau of Overseas Chinese & Foreign Affairs of Zhaoqing (Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Bureau of Zhaoqing), Sports Bureau of Zhaoqing, Business Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing, Archives Bureau of Zhaoqing, and Local Records Office of Zhaoqing.