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Li Yaokun

Li Yaokun, male and a Han Chinese originally from Zhaoqing of Guangdong Province, was born in March 1962. He started working in July 1982 and joined the Communist Party of China in November 1987. He is a postgraduate at Party School of the Guangdong provincial Party Committee.

Currently he serves as standing committee member of the CPC Zhaoqing Municipal Committee, member of the Party Leadership Group of Zhaoqing Municipal Government.

He is now put in charge of implementing The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008 to 2020), development of reform, statistics, price, grain, key projects, industry, energy, informatization, communication, science, intellectual property, earthquake administration, environmental protection, quality supervision, food & drug administration.

He is also put in charge of Development and Reform Bureau of Zhaoqing, Industry & Informatization Bureau of Zhaoqing, Science & Technology Bureau of Zhaoqing (Intellectual Property Bureau of Zhaoqing), Environmental Protection Bureau of Zhaoqing, Quality Supervision Bureau of Zhaoqing, Food & Drug Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing, Statistics Bureau of Zhaoqing, Grain Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing, Public Resources Trading Center of Zhaoqing, Planning Outline Office of Zhaoqing, and Earthquake Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing.

He contacts with Technology Association of Zhaoqing, Zhaoqing Investigation Team of National Statistics Bureau, Zhaoqing Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Company, Post Bureau of Zhaoqing, and Tabacco Bureau of Zhaoqing.