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Liu Jingbo

Liu Jingbo, male, Han ethnicity, was born in October 1973 and is from Zijin County, Guangdong Province. He started working in July 1994. He joined the Communist Party of China(CPC) in November 1992. Liu Jingbo has a graduate degree in Provincial Party School, and an on-the-job graduate degree of engineering in Wuhan University.

Currently, Liu Jingbo is a member of the CPC leadership group of the People’s Government of Zhaoqing Municipality, the Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Zhaoqing Municipality, the Secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Government Office, and the Secretary and the Director of Zhaoqing Development and Reform Bureau.

Liu Jingbo is in charge of the works of Municipal Government Organs, the Municipal Government Office, the Municipal Economic Research Office, and the Municipal Administrative Service Office.