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 The total area of Zhaoqing is 15000 , and its population is 4.10 million. The poputaltion density of Zhaoqing is 273.3 p/ K. Zhaoqing exercises the jurisdiction over 8 counties or districs, namely: Duanzhou, Dinghu, Gaoyao, Sihui, Guangning, Deqing, Fengkai, Huaiji as well as state-level developmetn zone-Zhaoqing High-tech Industry Development Zone. Duanzhou District is the political, economic and cultural center of Zhaoqing. It covers the smallest area of 152 K but with a huge population of 350,700, population density of which is 2307.2 p/ K. Dinghu District constitutes an integral part of Zhaoqing's central area. It has 512 K area and 153,800 people. Total area of Gaoyao Municipality is 2196 K and the population is 751,000. Sihui Municipality is smaller than Gaoyao. It is 1163 K with a population of 413,400. Deqing County, bordering its north are Guangning County and Huaiji County, has an area of 2257 K. Its population is 373,900. Guangning County is a little larger than Deqing with an area of 2458.15 K. Its population is about 561,500. Fengkai County has an area of 2723.29 K and a population of 489,600. Huaiji County is the biggest in area and population. It has 3573 K and 1,016,900 people. Zhaoqing High-tech Industry Development Zone is about 98 K and has a population of 130,000.

Zhaoqing had a population of 4,268,900 at the end of 2011, in which 2,203,200 were male and 2,065,700 were female. The 46 minority nationalities in the city accounted for only 0.48 percent of the total population, the rest being Han. The year 2011 witnessed 61,700 newborn babies and the birth rate was 14.52