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Zhaoqing High-Tech Industry Development Zone

Zhaoqing High-Tech Industry Development Zone

Zhaoqing High-Tech Industry Development Zone (ZHITDZ) is a province level development zone approved by the government of Guangdong province in 1998. Under the provincial approval, ZHITDZ was relocated at Dawang by the end of 2001. ZHTIDZ enjoys he economic authority of municipality level in the right of decision making and administrative approval.


Dawang covers an area of 98 square kilometers, including 25 square kilometers planning area of construction at first. In July 2004, it was decided by the government of Guangdong provincial that ZHITDZ to be positioned as the key industrial park to absorb foreign investment in Guangzhou, and model industrial park to absorb foreign investment or mountainous regions in Guangzhou. Accordingly, a ZHITDZ planning, Construction and coordination Leadership Team was formed and headed by executive vice governor Mr. Tang Bingquan, and involving 22 provincial government department directors. The six supporting policies have added stimulation to the ZHITDZ economy upsurge.




ZHITDZ has attracted global attention due to its 8 unique competitive advantages.People of Zhaoqing High-Tech Zone are opening a new chapter for the 21 century with their wisdom and hard working.



l          Largest Investment Virgin Land in the Pearl River Delta Core Area

Zhaoqing High-Tech Zone is the bridgehead for the strategy of “Pan-Pearl River Delta” connecting the east and west parts of China. It also acts as the main industrial battlefield for the “Emulating with the East, and Catching up with the East” Strategy which Zhaoqing Municipal Government initiates. The industrial structure can fully transit the industrial transfers from the Pearl River Delta areas, thus making the zone the largest investment virgin land in the area, depending on the advantages of opportunity, favourable geographical position and support of the people.




l          Two Shinning Business Cards, Six Preferential Policies

l          Key Industrial Park to Absorb Foreign Investment in Guangdong

l          Model Industrial Park to Absorb Foreign investment for Mountainous Regions in Guangdong.


In recent years, along with the industrial transition and expansion from the Pan Pearl River Delta, ZHITDZ has become the front site of the new round of rapid development of Guangdong’s economy. The zone has received ardent concerns and support from the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government. Mr. Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of Guangdong provincial Party Committee, Mr.Huang Huahua, governor of Guangdong Province, Mr. Liu Yupu, Vice secretary of Guangdong provincial Party Committee, Mr. Zhu Mingguo, member of Standing Committee of Guangdong provincial Party Committee and secretariat of Guangdong Commission for Disciplinary Inspection, Mr. Qin Weidong, municipal Party Committee secretary of Zhaoqing , Mr. Yang Haoming, mayor of Zhaoqing Municipal Government have inspected the High-Tech Zone. In July 2004, it was decided by the Party committee of Guangdong and the Government of the provincial that ZHITDZ to be positioned as the Key Industrial Park to Absorb Foreign Investment in Guangdong, and Model Industrial Park to Absorb Foreign Investment for Mountainous Regions in Guangdong. According, a ZHITDZ Planning, Construction and Coordination Leadership Team was formed and headed by executive vice governor Mr. Tang Bingquan, involving 22 provincial government department directors. Subsequently, six supporting policies were initiated including perfecting development planning, finalising construction land uses, accelerating transportation facilities construction, quickening electrical facilities construction, raising efficiency of customs clearances, and adding financial subsidies, These preferential policies have definitely added stimuli to the ZHITDZ economy upsurge.







On August 13, 2008, Huang Huahua (Third form right), Governor of Guangdong Province, inspected ZHITDZ , accompanied by Qin Weidong (Third from right), municipal Party Committee secretary of Zhaoqing and Yang Haoming (Second from right), mayor of Zhaoqing Municipality Government.



On May 10, 2008, Liu Yupu (Forth from right), the standing member of Guangdong provincial Party committee and the executive vice governor of Guangdong province, accompanied by Qin Weidong (Sixth from right), municipal Party Committee secretary of Zhaoqing and Guo Feng (Third from right), minister of organization of municipal Party Committee of Zhaoqing, visited ZHITDZ.






l          Abundant State-owned Land Resources






Dawang covers an area of 96.7 square kilometers. The land is state-owned and no requisition of peasant land is made. Level and open, the land is low-cost and suitable for large-scale development.


l          Convenient Multidimensional Transportation Network

ZHITDZ is situated within the half-hour drive economic rim of Guangzhou. Transport by land and water to HongKong and Macao takes only about two hours. The national highway No. 321, railway from Guangzhou to Maoming, express way from Zhaoqing to the Guangzhou New Airport, express highway from Guangzhou to Hezhou, and the ring highway around the Pearl River Delta wind through the whole territory. The Xijiang River and the Beijiang River have a 1000 tonnage container port. Together with the comprehensive port which is under construction in the industrial park, a multi-dimensional transportation network has shortened the distances to the world.




l          The Industrial Park at Province Level Closest to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport


When the express way from Zhaoqing to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is completed, ZHITDZ is only 35 kilometres from the Airport, and the drive takes merely 20 minutes, making the High-Tech Zone the industrial park at province level closest to Guangzhou Baiyun Intermational Airport.



l          High Starting-point Planning, High Standard Construction


According to the requirements for high startin-point plan, high standard construction, highly effective operation and sustainable development, targeting building a modernized industrial new city, ZHITDZ invited the experts from Zhongshan University, Hong Kong Planning Consultant Company and the Provinclal Urban and Rural Plan & Design Instliute to make the overall plan for the indestrial park. The development in the park is set as the special structure of “One Core And Six Regions With Development Crosswise”, characterized by focusing on the central service supporting region that is centered on by Shali Industrial Area, nonferrous metal processing area. The individual spacial pattern is formed. The inrfastructure facilities in the Area are growing better and better. The supporting service facilities including customs house, commodity inspection, bank, school and hospital are complete in every line. The golf holiday village, five-star hotel, large shopping mall and high-class business center will be put into construction and use in succession.




 Natural gas piping under construction

Dawang Hospital


Effect View of Administrative Center





Effect View of Five-star Hotel

 Golf Court


Factory Area




Business center in planning



l          Beautiful Natural Environment Harmonious Stable Community

         Tiancheng Pagoda   

ZHITDZ is proud of its green mountains and clear waters, well protected with rich forest resources. The Beijiang River, Suijiang River, Du River flow across the territory with a thousand-mu Longwangmiao Reservoir like a shinning pearl. Its over 20kilometres long scenicdam holds the water whil adds to the beauty of the zone, claiming it the well preserved ecological industrial park in Guangdong.

Rich resources and hard working people have formulated the Dawang spirit of “Creating value with one heart, sharing successees”. Human interest is always put first, and knowledge, talents, creations are well respected to make it a favourable investment site.



                                            Longwangmiao Reservoir



l          Simplified Organization Structure to act with high efficiency


Zhaoqing High-Tech Zone is proud of its simplified organzaion structure, high effciency and dean govemment. Following the philosophy of “caring business, keeping business and enriching business”, we serve the investors by providing”one-package” and “one-stop” services and through “one window” for external business.



The land of the industrial park is state-owned, thus no requisition compensation cost involved. The land is level and broad, suitable for large scale projects and the cost of exploitation is low, ideal for construction of a large scale development zone.

Zhaoqing High-Tech Zone offers the industrial estate which has been well-equipped with electrticity,water, cable, road and have been evened for industrial purposes at the price of 50,000yuan/mu. This price can be lowered according to industry type, investment volume, output volume etc.

1. Common industrial projects, the price of the land use right is 50,000yuan/mu;

2. World top 500 enterprises, internationally or domestically renowned enterprises, High-Tech projects at the state level, high taxation project or other influential projects can be treated individually, and land prices can be further lowered upon negotiations between the investor and the management committee.



1. Within the factory boundary, single-storey building(includingthe second storey which is less than 0.7of the first floor space) Construction application fee is 30 yuan/m2;

2. Two storey buildings(including the second storey which is more than or equals 0.7 of the first floor space )Construction application fee is 80% of the ground floor charge of 30 yuan/m2, that is 24 yuan/m2;

3. Three storey buildings(including the third storey which is more than or equals 0.7 of the first floor space)Construction application fee is 60% of the ground floor charge of 30 yuan/m2, that is 18 yuan/m2;

4. Four storey buildings(including the fourth storey which is more than or equals 0.7 of the first floor space)Construction application fee is 40% of the ground floor charge of 30 yuan/m2, that is 12 yuan/m2.

5. Five storey or over five storey buildings,Construction application fee is exempted.



1. Foreign invested productive enterrprises over 10-year operation period, are exempted from the income tax for the first two years commencing from the profit-making year, and the tax is reduced by half for the following three years.

2. For enterprises of over 5-year operation reinvesting in its own enterprise or opening new enterprises with their after-tax profit, 40% of the income tax paid for the reinvestment will be refunded. For investors reinvesting or expanding capacity of export –oriented enterprises and for enterprises with advanced technology, all the income tax paid for the reinvestment may be funded.

3. If the foreign investor reinvest to establish and enlarge product-exported enterprise or advanced technological enterprise, the corporate income tax paid according to the reinvested part can be refunded in full amount according to the regulations.

4. For the export-oriented enterprises with foreign investment, after the period of exemption and reduction expires, when the value of export products of the year reaches 70% of the output value of the enterprise of the year, the enterprise shall be levied on half of the specified rate of income tax.

5. The High-tech zone Management committee is committed in honouring the timely and sufficient refunding of taxations.



All the administrative charges are exempted for the enterprises within the industrial park as long as the decision making power resting the Municipal Government.Productive and operative charges will be reduced by 50%, and all certificates issuance will only charge for the cost of production.




All high and medium level talents who intend to work or invest in the industrial park will enjoy the same talent invitation preferential policies.Subsidies and rewards for the technical personnel will be included in the Municipal finance arrangement. Various technical and vocational schools in Zhaoqing will adapt their subject curriculum to put the requirement of the industrial park as their training priorities. Municipal Departments such as the Municipal social Security bureau will assist the training of staff within the park and recruliting immigrant workers.




A special investment promotion fund will be established for the industrial park, to reward contributors and investors. To investors with extraordinary contributions, they can be recommended to the title of Zhaoqing Honorary Citizen.









One-stop service is provided by the professional organizations such as the consultancy of projects, negotiation, selection of site, feasibility report of project, contract,comilation of constitution, report for approval, registration of industry and commerce, and registration of taxation, record in customs, registation of foreign exchange management, cargo import and esport and all kinds of businesses needed to be assisted during the corporate operation. If “one –off receipt of business, joint examination and approval, completion within limited period”for the projects of pre-examination and pre-approval should bd carried out, all examinations and approvals mustbe completely finished in the limited periods (three working days for general productive investment projects and five working days for non-productive projects).The planning, report for construction, environmental protection, etc. items during the construction of projects should be in charge of and conducted by the district planning and construction bureau in complete courses.




Setting up a guarantor institution and financial centre to cater enterprises with such a need Medium service: offering comprehensive services involving ipmport and export, transportation, accounting, legal advice, insurance, taxation, human resources, technology trade etc.


A complete set of agency services such as import and export, transportation, accounting, lawyer, insurance, taxation, human resourses, technology trade, etc. can be provided comprehensively for the investors.


A special development fund will be established, to financially subsidize enterprises prompt the processes in areas of market expansion, technological innovation, patent application, enterprise certification etc.




An information network has been laid out throughout the industrial park, while digital broad-band width and large capacity network will eliminate the distance between enterprises with the rest of the world.



Administrative management regulations are constructed according to the laws to enforce the security control and safe producitons. Inspection and checks will be kept to a minimum to avoid repetition and unnecessary disturbances. The work and living customs of investors will be respected thus retaining invest enthusiasm. 







Office of  High-tech Zone (0758)3641803/3646368

Office of Party-masses (0758)3646217

Bureau of Economic Trade Development (0758)3647138

Bureau of Foreign Trade (0758)3649988/3646289

Bureau of Planning and Construction (0758)3649363/3647555

Bureau of Finance (0758)3646538

Administrative Bureau of Social Affairs (0758)3646215

Branch of Land Bureau (0758)3643322

Branch of  Power Supply Bureau (0758)3642768

Branch of Environmental Protection (0758)3646234

State Tax Bureau (0758)3646123

Branch of Local Tax Bureau (0758)3647238

Branch of Industrial &Commercial Bureau (0758)3647488

Branch of  Public Security Bureau (0758)3646455

Bureau of Labor and Social Security (0758)3641773

Service Company of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (0758)3646219

Service Team of Foreign Businese Invitation (0758)3649977

Project Construction Coordination Team (0758)3648112

Project Complaint Supervision Team (0758)3638066




“Pursuing excellence and advocating success”is the development philosophy of the leading group in Zhaoqing High-Tech Zone.

The development of economy of the Zone has been by leaps and bounds in the recent years .Till August, 2005, more than 170 enterprises have found their homes in the industrial park among which 60 have gone into operation. The accumulated contracted foreign capital amounts 3 billion US dollars, while the actual foreign capital absorption has been over 1 billion US dollars. Famous enterprises come from over a dozen countries and regions including USA, Korea, Japan, Australia, HongKong and Taiwan. The World 500 enterprises including Korean SK Group, The Fortune 500 enterprises in USA  LP  Group as well as the largest aluminum manufacturer in Asia, Asia Aluminum(China)Co., Ltd., and WITY Group, have stationed in the industrial park. There are some leading industres including electronic information, biological pharmaceutical, new materials, nonferrous metals, packaging and printing, automobile & motor spare parts and light industrial manufacturing. Industrial chain in scale has formed. The High-Tech Zone has become the leader in business invitation and investment absorption in Zhaoqing, and the fastest growing area in the city. It will further plays an important role in the economic development of Guangdong in the future.





       On January 30, 2008, Zhu Mingguo (middle), the standing member of Guangdong provincial Party committee visited ZHITDZ.



On June 3, 2008, Wang Yang (Forth from right), member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, provincial Party Committee secretary of Guangdong inspected ZHITDZ, accompanied by Qin Weidong (Sixth from right), municipal Party Committee secretary of Zhaoqing and Yang Haoming (Second from right), mayor of Zhaoqing Municipality Government.