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Huaiji County

Center of Pan Pearl River Delta

Situated in the Northwest of Guangdong Province, Huaiji County is one of the major channels reaching Guangxi and Hunan from Guangdong. Within the Pan Pearl River Delta, the largest economic cooperative region, Huaiji is situated at the center of the nucleus zone.

Situated in the north of Zhaoqing, and the center of the nucleus zone of Pan Pearl River Delta (Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunam Provinces, plus Hong Kong and Macao), Huaiji County is the conjunction point of the Silk Road on both land and sea, and the hub linking the south andnorth, the east and the west. The county is 180km from Guangzhou and 150km from Zhaoqing. The whole county covers an area 3573km2 and has jurisdiction over eighteen towns, one national town and two state-owned forest farms. The whole town has a population of 930,000 people. Huaiji County enjoys excellent geographical environment. It belongs to subtropical monsoon climate with distinct four seasons and mild climate.



Centering on the municipal development structure of “Led by roads, extending to both the east and west, linking the south and stretching to the north, renovating the old city with several districts, characterized with mountains and water and of medium scale”, the county town of Huaiji has started the overall construction of forestation, beautification, illumination and purification. The environment and image of the city as well as reidential and investment environments are getting better and better with each passing day.



Huaiji is a major county in Guangdong Province with rich resources .The mountains and water here are rich in inexhaustible resources.



It is one of the major forest counties Guangdong Province, and is the national advanced unit of Closing Off Hills To Facilitate Forestation. The forest area of the county’s collevtive forest farms amounts to 22.19 million hectares, the store of live trees in 1,097.83millicn cubic meters, the forestation ratio of forest land is 88.5%and the forest coverage rate is 65.5%. “Huaiji Wood” has long been widely known. More than 40 kinds of precious trees are scattered among the green mountains, and many rare and imminent are still living in the caves and water. Huaiji Bambll is famous both at home and abroad, and enjoys the fame of “King of Bamboo” and “Steel Bamboo”. Li Bamboo products began to enter the world market as early as the Daoguang Period of Qing Dynasty, and the export volume has always been taking 50% to 70% of the total of the whole country.



Huaiji possesses rich mineral resources with rich varieties and great store. It has already discovered that there are more than 30 kinds of minerals includihg magnet, gold, cobalt, bismuthum, aluminum, zinc, molydenum, silver, stannum, beryllium, niobium, tantalum, etc.



Taking incresaing efficiency and the peasant’s income as the core, Huaiji County works to stabilize the grain production and adjust the agricultural structure. It makes”Investment attraction+ Company+Base+Peasant Household” as the main mode, develops with great effort the characteristic and efficient agriculture, promotes the industrial development of agriculture and endeavors to build a major county of fish breeding and poultry raising, forestry and high-quality grain.



Huaiji has the name of “One river, two creeks and twenty-one streams”, so it possesses rich water resources. The water energy reserve amounts to 329,000kw. The average reserve per square kilometer is 1.66 times of that of the province and 1.3 times of that of the whole country.



It is the unsweaving objective of the Huiji people to insist on the strategy of “Powerful Industrial County” and get on the road of new-pattern industrialization.

Huaiji County seizes the opportunity of merging into the “Pan Pearl River Delta”, takes as the motive power to strive of the pace-setter of developing county town economy in mountainous area, depends on resources, take investment attraction as the breakthrough, makes industrialization to direct agricultural industrialization, urbanization and informationization, takes it as its objective to realize the change from a major agricultural county to a major industrial county, from a county of large population and area to a county of strong comprethensive strength and carry out onerall construction of a well-off society. It insists on the strategy of  “Powerful Industrial County”, gets on the road of new-pattern industrialization and accelerates the development of private scientific and techological industry. It places emphasis on characteristic industries such as the resource, energy, metal processing and labor-intensive industries. It stresses on the seven mainstay industries, namely steel, ethyl alcohol, car fittings, building material, plate material, forest industry and metal processing.



The unique ecological environment and geographical advantages of Huaiji have cultivated the native culture of the Capital of Swallows and longevity. By mixing the world famous culture of the Sixth Ancestor of Buddnism and the land and seal Silk Road cuiture, a Huaiji culture that is mixed with a hundred schools of thought contend but with distinct regional characteristics has formed.



It is a unique treasure that God bestows to the Huaiji people. There is a place named Yanziyan in Huaiji where is only holy place that the collocalia vestita breed the next generations. Every year, hundred of thousands of esculernt swifts come here and never change their residence. June 6th of the Chinese lunar calendar is the established Festival of Swallows among local people. At that time baby swallows begin to learn to fly, and it is also the best time ofr people to watch the swallows returning to their nests and to prck the bird’s nest. By the time of the Festivalof Swallows, tourists from all over the world gather in Huaiji and the scenery is very magnificent.



Huaiji is a major tourist county along the Thousand Li Tourist Corridor in Northwest Guangdong and Zhaoqing. Tourism is an important brand of Huaiji. In recent years, Huaiji has developed tourist items such as self-driving tourism, ecological leisure and recreational adventure, etc. It is designated by the provincial tourism department as the terminal of short-distance travel, transit of long-distance travel and best destination for self-driving travel.


Situated at Qiaotou Town in the Southwest of Huaiji County, Yanyan Scenic Resort of provincial class is more than 30 kilometers away from the county town. There in the resort are 380 rock mountains, which are in different poses and expressions. It is not like Yangsuo but better than Yangsuo. There are 170 caves scattered in the rock mountains. Spectacles appear one after another, forming a unique ecological environment. It is the only concentration place for collocalia vestita and is the origin of brid’s nest in inland China. The resort is divided into several major parts, nameely the Yanyan, Taoyuan Cave, Zhaoyan, Lianhu Lake and Wind Cave, etc. Thousands of swallows murmuring, Double-color Lotus Flower, Skylight of the Heaven and other natural sceneries can be termed as unrivalled spectacles.



Loeated in the east of the county inside Yanfeng Valley. The Huaiji Yanfeng Hot Spring Floating Tourist Resort possesses beautiful natural environnent. It is surrounded by mountains and creates a big natural oxygen bar.



Huaiji enjoys rich hot spring resources, which mainly include Yanyue Hot Spring, Xinghua Sping, Baizhu Spring, Xicun Spring and other seven hot spring clusters. 



Located in the south of Ao’zai Town, Jiujiu Qimen Village is the south gate of Huaiji. It is named after the Jiujiu Qimen and Liude Hall in the village. Liude Hall is a large and magnificent classical garden initially built in the mid Qing Dynasty by descents of Zheng Chenggong. It is built with wood and brick and covers an aresa of 3600 square meters. The whole building comprises of 99 doors, 99 windows, 99 winding lanes and 99 steps at the gate, due to the brilliant of odd number 99 in design. Liude Hall is termed as Jiujiu Qimen by the local people.



It is 20 nautical miles long in total with winding waterway. There is an island at each mile and a beach at every half mile. The mountains on the banks are densely planted with bamboos and the islands and beaches are also covered with green and pretty bamboo. The mountain, water and bamboo form together the beautiful scenery of cool wind, blue water, green bamboo, crowds of fish, birds as well as white cranes.



Huaiji is speeding up the development from major agricultural county to major industrial county and transformation from a county of large population and area into a powerful county in comprehensive strength. It is striving to be the pace-setter of economic development of county in mountainous area and build striving, vigorous, civilized, rich, harmonious and peaceful new Huaiji.


In comliance with the requirement of achieving the goal of Marching in two ways and Striving to be pace-setter, Huaiji further emancipates the mind, creates new mechanism, perfects system, activates all production elements, promotes the formation of new development structure and builds new Huaiji with rich vitality.



As the ancient capital of trade, Huaicheng is full of rich ethos of cmooerce and has a long history of culture. It is continuing the glory of land and sea Silk Road. Huaiji Commercial Pedestrian Street covers an area of 1286m2, with the integration of food, amusement, leisure, shopping and commercial affairs, is renowned as No.1 Sereet in Northwest Guangdong.