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Equipment manufacturing and New Material Industry Park in Zhaoqing national – level Hi-tech Industry Development Zone

Description: Equipment manufacturing and new material industry park is consisted of Shali Industry Park, Midtown Industry Park and Linjing Industry Park, with a total area of 25km2. Shali industry Zone, which is now agglomerated with several World Fortune 500 companies such as Korean Sk Group, Korean Hyundai Group, and American Fortune 500 companies like U.S. Lp Automobile Group. In the midsouth , theres Midtown Industry Park , which includes Dongsong Mitsuo and other well-known enterprises. Along the Beijiang river bank it has Linjiang Industry Park where China Guodian Cooperation, leoch International Technology Limited, Veid heavy-duty Machine Co. Ltd and Toyal Zhaoqing Co., Ltd. etc, settle.

Ways of Cooperation: To be discussed.

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed

Total Amount of Investment: Negotiated though investment project

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: To be discussed

Expected Period of Return on Cost: To be evaluated

Proposed Site: East to Beijing Bridge, west to the abuttal of Dawang and Sihui City, south to Guangdongp Guangxi Highway and north to the area of Jiangjun Ave (not included the old town and new city center).

Infrastructure Conditions: Access road, water supply, power supply, drainage, communication, centralized heating, as well as formation sites. Beside, the investors can enjoy relevant favorable policies that provided by the Hi-Tech Industry Development zone.

Category: According to the attribute of the project.

Contact person: Wei Siyu

Tel: 0758-310338

Fax: 0758-3103555