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The Industry Promotion of Chigo Appliances R&D and Manufacturing


Description: It is an intensive , conservation-oriented and efficient industrial project which Chigo Group plans to invest RMB 1.5billion yuan to construct in three phrases (1st phrase:300million yuan, 2nd prase:600million yuan, 3rd phrase: 600million yuan) An area of 5000 mu will be explored in Jinkou town, Sihui City (initially 2000 mu). The main products are large central conditioner, household air conditioner, air purifier, HUTs, mobile TV and medical equipment, which is science-base, environment friendly, high-tax achievement The annual total output value will exceed RMB 5 billion yuan and tax over RMB 200 million yuan.

Ways of Cooperation: Cooperation

Period of Cooperation: 50 years

Total Amount of Investment: RMB1.5 billion yuan

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: To be negotiation

Expected Period of Return on Cost: To be evaluated

Proposed Site: Jingkou Town, Sihui City

Infrastructure Conditions: Access road, water supply, power supply , drainage, communication, as well as formation sites.

Category: Permitted

Contact Person: Mr. Huang Guoshen

Tel: 13702999188

Fax: 0758-3719555