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Processing of Sihui Automobile Parts and Equipments manufacturing Industry


Description: Sihui City locates at the Industry belt of Automobile manufacturing of Guangdong Province and establishes a series o companies producing automobile connecting road, aluminum magnesium alloy profiles, parts die-casting, etc. Sihui Nanjiang, Fuxi and Xinjiang Industry Complementary Areas play a key role I the industry economy of Eastern Zhaoqing. It lies where Beijiang River, Suijiang River and Xijiang River meet, adjacent to Foshan City and 40km away from Guangzhou, while Guangzhou-Hezhou Highway, outer Pearl River Expressway, Zhaoqing-Huadu Expressway,nation Route No.321 and Guangzhou-maoming Railway are going across these areas. In 2002, Nanjiang and Xinjiang Areas are listed in Provincial Private Science Park by Guangdong Science and Technology Bureau.

Ways off Cooperation: Sole Proprietorship

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed

Total Amount of Investment: Referring to the invested scale

Expected Period of Return on Cost: To be discussed

Infrastructure Conditions: Completed facilities, i.e. traffic network, water supply, power supply, drainage, tel-communication, the areas also provide with schools, hospitals, markets, shopping malls, parks and logistics center.

Category: Permitted

Contact Person: Mr. Ou

Tel: 0759-3325494

Fax: 0758- 3322426