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The industry Promotion Project of Development Of refined Chemistry Base


Description: The Refine Chemistry base locates in Deqing County, in the northwest of Guangdong province. The base was approved to be a special hazardous chemical area by Zhaoqing government. The environmental impact assessment and safety assessment of the base are examined and approved by the departments of Environmental protection and safety supervision. The planned area will cover about 5000 mu, in which 1924 mu is for coatings and synthetic resin area, 556 mu is for forestry and chemical industry area, and 1460 mu for other fine chemical industry (the land for settled enterprises covers about 1000mu). Besides, chemical storage covers 336mu, 141mu is to be built as administration service center, the 553 mu will be used for road construction and greenbelt. Deqing County is rich in forestry resources, with an area of 2.28million forest land, which includes 1.1million mu for resin production base. The annual output of the base is about 70000tons rosin and 100000tons resin, which can use in further processing of paint, print printing ink, terpinol, essence and synthetic perfume. It provides all the necessary back-end support to chemical industrial transfer. In order to accumulate the development and construction of the base, and investor cooperatively develop the base.

Way of Cooperation: To be discussed

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed

Total amount of Investment: RMB 36o million yuan

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: To be discussed

Expected Period of Return on Cost: 3 years

Proposed Site: Deqing Country

Infrastructure conditions: The site is connect to water and electric power supply and roads, and that the ground has been leveled

Documents Preparation: related preferential policies, department approval and planning chart of the park.

Category: Permitted

Contact Person: Mr. Feng Tianxian

Tel: 0758-7780802

Fax: 0758-7780803