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Productive Service Industry base of Duanzhou District


Description: The total investment of the Pilot Area of Productive Service Industry Base in Duanzhou District has invested exceeded RMB 3 billion yuan, and it is sited in the city center of Zhaoqing for 25 hectares (380mu), which will be invested and established by Guangdong Haozhi Investment Co., ltd, the developer of “Guangdong Cartoon City”. The infrastructure in pilot area is completed, enjoys convenient transportation which is close to the Guangzhou-Zhaoqing light rail station. Construction area of the  building is over 600000 m2 includes trade center, base office, innovation office, service outsourcing office, core technology R&D center, business supportive area, digital commercial center, etc. Moreover, in future there will be more public service facilities such as conference center, expo center, property right exchange and protection office, public information and technology platform, public data storage center, cloud lab, industry R&D center, industry promotion center, talent center, digital technology experience expo and plaza, five – star hotels, business hotels, Innovation R&D, Service outsourcing, financial service, electronical information , software designing are mostly welcome to the base. The base makes great effort to create an first-class international modern service brand new area in modern logistics, financial, information, scientific researching, talent and real estate service. The base will apply for the National Producer Serves Industry Base when it is completed.

Way of Cooperation: To be discussed

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed

Investment Construction: To be discussed

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: Capital and Technology input.

Expected Period of Return on Cost: To be evaluated through project

Proposed Site: Area No.23 of Zhaoqing City

Infrastructure Conditions: Convenient transportation, perfect infrastructure in water supply, electricity supply, tel-communnication, etc. and provide with high quality service and operation management.

Category: According to the attribute of the project.

Contact Person: Mr. Wen Kaiquan

Tel.: 13822695668,0758-2762128

Fax: 0758-2762300