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Project of Low carbon Fiber Cleaner Pulping


Description: The Low Carbon Fiber Clean Pulping skill applies a new design and unique treatment technology, as well as physical and chemical knowledge, which can increase the efficiency of the polluted water treatment. Both the technology and special equipment have gained the patent certificate issued by SIPO. The process during cleaner pulping manufacturing will not produce any noxious gas or smell , while black water may produce in the traditional procedure .Besides non-polluted discharge , the waste of pulping can turn out to be a king of good Organic P or use in cardboard production , which can fulfill the requirement of clean production and zero release, hence can solve the environment problem of pulping manufacturing and displace a history of 1000 years that making paper by straw pulp .Comparing with the traditional pulping production , this programme requires small investment, short  construction period and low land occupation.

Ways of Cooperation: Cooperative Enterprise

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed

Total Amount of investment: RMB300 million

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: To be discussed.

Expected period of Return on Cost: 3 years

Proposed Site: Deqing County

Infrastructure Conditions: Access road, water supply, power supply, drainage, communication, centralized heating, as well as formation sit.

Category: Encouraged

Contact person: Mr. Feng Tianxian

Tel: 0758-7780802

Fax: 0758-7780803