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Auto Electronic Contactless Angle Sensor Producing Project

 Description: Contactless Angle Sensor is wildly applied in all kind of engine-related sectors, including anto manufacturing, engineering machinery manufacturing, motor and steamship manufacturing. Ti is a vital sector to assure the security, environment-friendly and energy conservation problem of an automobile, but most of our sensors are important from abroad. Besides full intellectual property right and mature core technology, we have also applied 2 patent of invention, 1 design patent and 2 utility model patents. It is an unique company which apply chips with 360 adaptive corner in independent contactless angle sensor of China reaches 300 billion every year. However, neither million yuan is needed to enlarge the production space can fulfill  the needs of the market.Hence an investment of 500—1000 million yuan is needed to enlarge the production scale and increase working capital , employ more talents for R&D. It is expected to gain a return on cost in 3—5 years.

Ways of Cooperation: Sino-Foreign Joint Venture, Cooperative Enterprise or Assignment

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed

Total Amount of Investment: RMB500---1000 million yuan

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: Patent technology input

Expected period of return on Cost: 3—5years

Proposed Site: Huanggang Town, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City

Infrastructure Conditions: Zhaoqing Sinkon Electronic Equipment Company is a member of Zhaoqing Automobile Accessory Manufacturing Industry Association. The company has established the Electronic Sensor Production and R&D center with the Provincial High Schools Science and Researching Organization to study and develop the sensors, such as advanced programmatic contactless sensor.

Category: Encouraged

Contact Person: Mr. Wu Guowei

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