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Dangshan Pumped Storage power Station in Fengkai County


Description: The total installing power of power plant is 2.4 million kw. It is the supporting project of inland nuclear power station. It mainly takes charge of the peak shaving, valley-filling, frequency modulation, phase modulation, emergency backup, blackout start, etc. The project is made up by upper and lower storage reservoirs, water power generation system and switching station.The total investment is about RMB 10 billion yuan with an area of 5000mu. Now it is in the early stage of project

Ways of Cooperation: Sion-Foreign Joint Venture or Sole Proprietorship

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed

Expected Period of Return on Cost:8 years

Proposed Site: Chang-an Town, Fengkai County

Infrastructure Conditions: Convenient transportation hub, close to Guanghe Highway and Provincial Route No.266

Category: Encourage

Contact Person: Mr. Li Honghai

Tel: 13822697039

Fax: 0758-6683167